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We’re a couple who travel a lot around world for Hobby also for Work , we move to different countries very often, which offers us good opportunities to see the colourful world, specially for the people like us who are passionate about travel and don’t want to waist any minute at home!

We got married in 2011, since then we’ve been travelling to 24 countries, including:

Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bahrain, Turkey;

Europe: Belgium, Austria, Italy, Greece, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland;

South America: Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru;

North America: United States

Africa: South Africa, Egypt

Oceania: New Zealand

Carlo, My husband,  Italian, working in an international company, who loves travel in his bones. He left home alone with a small motorcycle and crossed through the Italy when he was 14 years old, with few cash and a small backpack; with time passed, his footprints reached South America, will you believe that if I tell you someone is born in Italy crossed the Amazon Forest by bare feet just like one of the indigenous people? That’s Carlo, when he was in age 21.

Me, Rui, come from north of China, a professional housewife, ^-^ I’ve been always very curious about different culture, customs, food and people, so travel is the best way to know them. I like cooking the foods from everywhere. Recently I’m keen to sewing as well. But as soon as we have chance to go somewhere, we prefer to be ON THE ROAD…