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The De Hoop Nature Reserve is a beautiful reserve and is one of the favorite destinations for hikers, cyclists and lovers of bird watching and whales. The reserve, covering 34 000 hectares, is only  3 hours away from Cape Town. The nearby marine reserve stretches for 5 km above sea level and is one of Africa’s largest marine protected areas. 

What to do:

In the De Hoop Nature Reserve you can find one of the best hiking trails in South Africa: the Whale Trail. This route offers coastal and mountain walks, with spectacular views and, of course, many opportunities for whale watching. The Whale Path is a five-days course with well-equipped accommodation in each of five nights.
We did not make it because of the lack of time and weather conditions, we did only a quick walk on the dunes of De Hoop. Surely the place deserves to be visited.

When to go:

From August to November is the best time to visit the De Hoop Nature Reserve. During this period, you’ll be able to watch whales on the sea.

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