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 iSimangaliso Wetland Park, ( iSimangaliso means miracle in Zulu), in St Lucia of KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. In this wonderland generously offer coral reefs, endless sandy beaches, coastal dunes, lakes, swamps…

There are 220 km of protected and pristine coastline run from Maphelane to the Kosi Bay mouth, diverse beaches throughout the Park. Cape Vidal and Sodwana Bay are the most accessible bathing beaches. St Lucia beaches is also very popular. iSimangaliso Wetland Park is a paradise for bird-lovers, over 500 bird species recorded in the park, also great amount of water birds such as flocks of pelicans, storks and flamingos…

What to do:
Game driving, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, turtle tour, whale watching, kayaking… a lots of things you can do here.
Lake St Lucia is one of the most abundant, naturally endowed place on earth. Estuary boat cruise tour is the best way to explore this miracle lake. Two hours ferry will leave you unforgettable experience, from ferry you will have very close encounter with hippos and crocodiles in their natural habitat. We took the cruise in the late afternoon, so we caught the splendid sunset on the lake, most importantly the animals are more active in those hours. Furthermore, fish eagles, kingfishers and herons are commonly spotted on the lake. Prepare your big lenses for amazing shoots!
Maputaland Coastal Forest, the most untouched and wild beaches left on the African continent, only off-road vehicles can access. In this section of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park you can see the  pristine beaches, breathtaking coastal dunes, black rocks.  Extraordinary dune vistas is protagonist in this landscape. 

Best time to go:
The dry winter from May to September is ideal time, because the day temperature is pleasant, wildlife is more active.


Our Stories:

Good choice of accommodation: We slept in the chalet located in the middle of the forest, 50m to the beach, in the sunrise and sunset we walked on the fabulous dunes just like the people in the Lonely Planet photo. In the evening we collected the dry woods for a open air barbecue, the smell called over some animals as well. The stars, wine, Oil lamp, fresh barbecued chicken and sausage with the wonderful sound from forest and wild waves. Live performance between lizards and insects on the wall.

Fight with neighbors: I was relaxing on the chair with doors close but not locked, suddenly one monkey entered without any effort and took away my whole package of biscuits in a second, i run after it immediately tried to get it back, but was too late, the package was sharing by a group of monkeys, nobody scare of my presence, in the opposite they try to thread me away, so i returned the room to ask my husband help, he rushed out from the middle of the shower with a broom in the hand, but the monkeys are still eating cheerfully without giving him any attention, then after a long fight and negotiation, i was asked to collect the biscuits left over on the ground, with the thought maybe they would come to attack me for their food or a revenge 🙂

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