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The Painted Hills is in the town of Mitchell, Oregon of United States. The Painted Hills are one of the three units in the John Day Fossil Beds. Once you are there, you will be amazed by the delicately colored hills of clay: the red, orange, gold and black. 35 million years ago, this astonished sight formed by the past climate change and different volcanic eruptions. Once you are there imagine how early the cousins of horses, elephants, camels and rhinos were roaming freely on the earth where you are standing on.

What to do:
Many short trails available in the Painted Hills unit of the monument, distance from 0.4 km to 2.6 km. They generously provide you the panoramic views of the hills and bring you along the impressively painted hills on the boardwalk.

The visibility of tones and hues can be very different with the change of light and moisture levels, late evening is the best time for photography.

When to go:
In Spring, the yellow and purple wildflowers grow in drainage and sluices of the hills. The vibrant hills of clay are concealed by the snow in the winter.


We liked a lot this place. The colors of the hills are really spectacular.

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