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Sequoia National park and Kings Canyon National Park are connected to each other, in the southern Sierra Nevada, you can easily visit them together.

What to do:

The park offers more than 1200 km of hiking trails with different difficulty range.

  • The Giant Forest Loop, there are 5 most giant trees in the world, include the largest one: General Sherman tree, (83 meters tall, 1.9 million kg weight, 11 meters in diameter at the base). Furthermore, you will have a chance to spot Black Bears as we did.
  • Climb Moro Rock, on this granite dome, you can get the best view of the massive forest.
  • Cycling, fishing, horseback riding are also good option to experience this giant land.
  • Wonderful Scenic Drive: Generals Highway and the Kings Canyon Scenic Byway and Majestic Mountain Loop. More detail:
  • In the winter, Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia and John Muir Lodge in Kings Canyon creating the perfect base to explore the park.
  • Crystal cave and Boyden Cavern

Campgrounds and picnic areas are easily found throughout the park. From a cozy mountain lodge to glowing tent cabins, there’s nothing like waking up below the giant and ancient sequoia trees. 

Best time to go:

Anytime during the year to visit Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park, there is always something to enjoy at this magical land.

April to June the foothills are filled with wildflowers. July to September is the busiest time but all the campgrounds are open and outdoor activities and plenty of free rangers’ programs are available. From September its the best time for the fans of fall foliage. From November to April, Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are popular here.

Other info:

Here are two famous and demanding trails John Muir Trail (338.6 km) and Pacific Crest Trail (4,265 km), which from Mexico to Canada through western of United States. Try a little bit if you are long holidays. 
More detail:
Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park Official Web:

Annual Passes  is a ticket which provides you to access to all the designated National Parks and Federal lands in USA with unlimited entrances. The Annual Passes costs $80, covers a vehicle including a driver and all passengers in the vehicle. It’s potential cost savings if you are planing to visit many National Parks around country. It can be purchased at the entrance to the park. More details about the Annual Passes check this website:

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