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Table Mountain National Park is located in Cape Town, South Africa, proclaimed a national park on 29 May 1998, in order to protect the natural environment of the Table Mountain Chain, and in particular the rare vegetation of fynbos. The park is managed by South African National Parks. The Table Mountain National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The park is very well known for the Table Mountain, for which the park takes its name. The Cape of Good Hope, the southernmost extremity of Africa.

What to do:

The flat Table Mountain offers a magnificent view of the lively Cape Town.
On the Table Montain you can walk through the Platteklip gorge or take the modern revolving cable car that will take you directly to the top. Table Mountain National Park`s peak is 1,086 meters high and offers a breathtaking 360-degrees view of the Cape Peninsula and the sprawling city below.

When to go:

The best time for a holiday at the National Park of Table Mountain is from late January to late April.

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