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Yellowstone National Park is the oldest national park in the world, it was established in 1872.

Yellowstone National Park is a massive park, spreads 8,983 km2  in Wyoming of United States. It situated on the Yellowstone Plateau, the average elevation is 2400m above sea level. Here collect more than 50% of geothermal features in the world. Yellowstone National Park is also famous for its pink and yellow canyons, wildlife, rivers, mountain ranges, lakes and tons of waterfalls… One of the biggest high altitude lakes in North America, Yellowstone Lake is located just above the active supervolcano -Yellowstone Caldera, which is the biggest on the continent.

What to do:

Yellowstone National Park offers comprehensive activities for everyone at any age. Our favorite sights are: Old Faithful, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Grand Prismatic Spring, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone Lake…

Hiking on this world’s treasure land was a fantastic experience. Walking among the hot springs with extraordinary colors; Watching how the geysers shoot the water to the air 30 meters high; Climbing up to breathtaking waterfalls to feel the beauty and power of the Nature! If you don’t feel to walk, you can visit the park easily with your own vehicle or use the park shuttle service.

Watching the incredible Yellowstone region’s wildlife, groups of cute American bison can be easily spotted, bears, wolves, elks perhaps even grizzly if you’re lucky as we were. We suggest you to Keep a safe distance and carry a pair of binoculars if you’ve got one.

Boating is quite popular in Yellowstone Lake and Lewis Lake, but most areas allow only the non-motorized boating, moreover the permits are required, which you can purchase at the park.

Ride your bike or rent one at the park to discover this wonderland at your own rhythm.

Fishing, horseback riding, skiing, rafting, camping, picnicking and many other ways to enjoy yourselves at Yellowstone National Park.

Best time to go:

From June to September is the best time to visit the park, daytime temperature around 20 to 27 degrees, at night drops dramatically depends on which elevation you are at.

The temperature In the Spring and Autumn is between 0 and 15 degrees, can be very chilly at night time.

Useful Information:

There are lodges and many campsites inside the park, advance reservation is highly recommended specially in the summer.

The weather can be very different from day to night due to the high elevation, we recommend you to bring the proper equipment and gears.

Grand Teton is another nice National Park, is linked to Yellowstone National Park, you may visit together .

There are variety lodging choices in the park, includes luxury hotels, campsites, cabins, you can set up your own tent as well. Advance reservation is highly recommended, in summer season the park is very busy. There are also campgrounds outside of the park.

Entrance Fees (unlimited entry valid for 7 days)

Private Vehicle:                                           $30

Individual Permit:         Foot or bicycle: $15

                                           Motorcycle:       $25

Yellowstone and Grand Teton Pass:       $50

Annual Passes  is a ticket which provides you to access to all the designated National Parks and Federal lands in USA with unlimited entrances. The Annual Passes costs $80, covers a vehicle including a driver and all passengers in the vehicle. It’s potential cost savings if you are planing to visit many National Parks around country. It can be purchased at the entrance to the park. More details about the Annual Passes check this website:



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