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Zion National Park is a national treasure and most visited National Park in Utah. It’s located in the heart of Utah’s Color Country. The mother earth’s crushing violence has been creating this spectacular and extraordinary landscape: towering cliffs, red stream-carved canyons, pink Navajo sandstone, mesas, buttes and massive monoliths. Zion National Park revealed its eight layers of sandstone, showing us what has happened in the past 200 million years.

What to do:

Zion’s is not only famous for it’s lofty peaks also for its interesting geology, and scenic drives. Hiking, birding, canyoning, climbing, bicycling, backpacking, camping and others more. As long as you have got time, you will enjoy so much here.

  • Angels Landing:

Angels Landing is the most outstanding viewpoints you will ever experience, but you are fear of heights, we don’t suggest you to do this hike.

  • The Narrows:

The Narrows is the narrowest part of Zion Canyon with breathtaking views. It’s a well-known trail among hikers. The trail passes through the Virgin River, it can be dangerous due to the occasional flash floods,  so it’s necessary to check the weather condition at the visitor center before you go.

  • Zion’s Main Canyon

The most popular part of Zion. To visit the canyon you must use free park shuttles service.

  • Riverside Walk

We liked it very much, we had stunning views of Zion Canyon with river running through it. Walking along the river is great introduction to this gorgeous  park. 

  • Canyon Overlook Trail:

It’s not very challenging but you can walk on the top of the mountains and overlooking the spectacular views below. 

  • Mt. Carmel Highway Tunnel
  • Emerald Pools Trail
  • Pine Creek Waterfall
  • Weeping Rock

Best to go:
From middle of March to November

Useful info:

  • Map of Zion National Park can be found at the official website:

  • Free shuttles service:

one within Zion National Park and one between the entrance to the park and several stops in the town of Springdale.

  • Annual Passes  is a ticket which provides you to access to all the designated National Parks and Federal lands in USA with unlimited entrances. The Annual Passes costs $80, covers a vehicle including a driver and all passengers in the vehicle. It’s potential cost savings if you are planing to visit many National Parks around country. It can be purchased at the entrance to the park. More details about the Annual Passes check this website:




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